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About Me

In 2020 I finished my undergraduate degree in physics and began a PhD. At the same time I had the aim to make it as a professional triathlete which meant I was training for twenty hours a week (and I wanted to train more). This was tough to do alongside my academic work and eventually I decided to pause my academic career as triathlon is somewhat of a young man’s game. ‘You don’t need to run fast to get a PhD’ - as my friend neatly put it. As a result, I now support myself with a combination of services in everything from writing, product testing and data/technical work. All of this work is part time based around my training.

Triathlon Career

I came to triathlon late spending most of my early years swimming, doing cross country and playing football. When I came to university I got involved in the triathlon club (in 2018) and things began to snowball. I became completely obsessed and achieved top 5 results at big domestic races including Castle Series and the Eastbourne Triathlon. I have also raced and achieved top 20 results on the British Super Series and at BUCS.

Obviously, a global pandemic sort of got in the way of my 2020 season and I have struggled with injuries and crashes in 2021 but my 2022 season goals are the following…

  1. Qualify for the Challenge Championship Pro Race.

  2. Get selected to represent Great Britain at the European Middle Distance Championships.

  3. Race internationally in draft legal racing in ETU cups and Superleague.

Recent Blog Content

Here is some of my recent blogs, produced for various outlets and brands. This is updated monthly and features the pieces I’m most proud of, performed best or that I enjoyed writing the most. Just click on an image and it’ll take you through to a (loosely) related blog.

Recent Race Report

In this section will lie a race report from my most recent race. This will be updated after my next triathlon which is on either the 11th or 12th of September.

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To commission blog content or get in touch for any reason drop me an email. I can also provide a CV of technical skills as well as more blog content.

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